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جينيل تجارة الطاقة وعمليات التحديث

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Iraq's Oil Minister Is Expecting More Oil Exports With New Deal

'Iraq's oil minister has expressed optimism that a new deal will increase oil exports.'

Iraq's Fuel Donation To Lebanon Turned Out Unfit For Use

'Right after the blast that ripped through the center of Lebanon, Iraq donated over a million liters of fuel which unfortunately turned out unusable. '

Gas Turbines Erected That Will Help Boost Iraq’s Power Grid

'A well-known global company just connected gas turbines at a power plant in Iraq that will enhance the country’s power supply. '

Iraq Along With Other Oil Producers Pressured To Abide With Supply Cuts

'Iraq, along with the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria pressured to abide with the agreed upon supply cuts. '

Iraq Follows Through With Saudi Arabia Oil Price Cuts

'Iraq reduced prices for its crude grades as Saudi Arabia and other Gulf producers slashed their prices.'

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