Founded in 2001, Restrata is a British owned group with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. Originally belonging to the Olive Group, the company was born of the need to address safety and security solutions from a consultative perspective, and so in 2006, Restrata was created with the mission to build client resilience and optimize operations through effective management of safety and security risks.

From the Latin “Res” for resilient and “Strata” meaning layers, the name combines to reflect our core concept of resilience engineered across multiple layers of any business, project or development.

In the last decade we have seen significant growth and success, highlighted by our substantial track record of working with a number of well-known companies on some of the most prestigious projects around the world.

We have three offices in Iraq: 

1159, Dream City,
Kurdistan, Iraq
Tel: +964 7503415354
Fax: +971 (0)4 368 8165

Al Mansour Block 601,
Street 11: House 29,
Al Ameerat Street,
Baghdad, Iraq
Tel: +971 (0)4 391 2935
Fax: +971 (0)4 368 8165

The Chelsea Business Centre,
Shaat Al Arab Complex, 2nd Floor,
Al Corneesh Street,