Direct Export Corporation

Direct Export Corporation (DEC), is a U.S. export firm established in Chicago in 1980, to provide export service to U.S.manufacturers on a
contractual basis. Marvel Group Inc. was one of the original manufacturers DEC partnered with, supplying their superior office products to Aramco, the Saudi Finance Ministry, the Royal Commission in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Airport, and Dubai Defiance Ministry in U.A.E. 

DEC is also a Marvel Federal Dealer in the United States. 

Along with Marvel products, DEC supplies the oil sectors in the Middle East and North Africa with industrial products from the U.S. market. DEC provides warehousing, consolidation of shipments, and in-house inspection of products. The best possible means are used to ship goods from any port in U.S., directly to client’s door. DEC end users include: Aramco in Saudi Arabia, KOC, KNPC, and Equate in Kuwait, and Sirte Oil Company in Libya. Also, for large orders, DEC can extend its export service to supply goods from Canada, Latin America and European Union manufacturing companies.


Tel 847-506-1931