Techma Support

Techma is part of a renowned group, based in the heart of the Middle East, that specializes in:

Emergency Response Management and Operations.
Turnkey Staffing, holistic HR Services and Executive Search.
Training and Development solutions.
Consultancy in Health & Safety and Disaster Management.
Engineering Consultants and EPC/EPCM businesses.

Techma boasts a team of Emergency Response Experts, Technical Consultants, Recruitment Specialists and Technical Training Instructors with deep industry knowledge, wide geographic range, analytical rigor and hands-on collaborative approach.

A truly unique global network of over 15,000 professionals that works as one entity to service clients.

Positioned in the heart of the Middle East with our headquarters  in Dubai, UAE, the Head Office serves as a hub to support our regional operations.

As our business expands, we have developed two further companies in Iraq to cope with the growing demand for our services:

Al Takamul - HR solution and consultancy.
Shatt Al Arab (the Basra Academy for Training) – Training solutions.

Our strength is the desire of our staff to deliver the highest quality product that is possible whilst working within the strict guidelines of our Quality Management System.  Added to this is the high standards laid down by the Awarding Bodies of the various accreditation our high level of training has attracted.

Although our aim is to grow within the MENA region, we will not compromise our quality and will always strive to serve our customers to the very best of our undoubted ability.