Modern Surveying Calibration Services and Testing Labs

We Modern Surveying Calibration & Testing Labs (MSL) is ISO 17025 accredited calibration Lab in Erbil and ISO 9001 Calibration Lab in Basra and Erbil Iraq.

MSL is the first and the only accredited calibration lab for ISO -17025 in Iraq with state of the art calibration reference standards and experienced staff, if you have any enquiry related to Calibration Please feel free to contact us for Erbil & Basra offices.

We are providing calibration services to oil & gas, Power, Fertilizer, EPC, Drilling and Marine sectors to our following valuable clients Weatherford, Halliburton, Oilserv, Siemens, GE Power Services, NPS,ITS,KBR,NYCO, Sakhar Al-Iraq, Iraq Gates , Ecolog, Petrochina.