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Turkey To Supply Additional Water To Iraq

President Erdogan has agreed to Iraq's request for additional supplies

President Erdogan of Turkey has agreed to increase the supply of water from a dam in southeastern Turkey to help alleviate neighbouring Iraq's water crisis. 

Turkey has been using water from the Tigris to fill its reservoir behind the Ilisu dam, which had contributed to shortages in Iraq, particularly in Basra. 

Approximately 70% of Iraq's water supply comes from neighbouring countries, with a significant amount coming from the Tigris and Euphrates which run through Turkey.

Iraq welcomed Erdogan agreeing to Iraq's request for additional water supplies to ensure water reaches all of the country's provinces.

The news follows reports that Iran has cut water supplies to Iraq to prioritise projects in Iran. Iraq's agriculture ministry has banned the growing of certain crops as a result of the water shortages.

Source: Reuters


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