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Qatar Launches Direct Maritime Transport Service To Iraq

The direct feeder service will be provided by Milaha, Qatar-based maritime transport and logistics organisation.

The Oshairij vessel, affiliated to Milaha, has arrived at Umm Qasr Port in Iraq this week according to Qatar's Ministry of Transportation and Communication. Oshairij, with a 1,015 TEU capacity and 110 reefer plugs, will initially be the only vessel to provide the new transport service between Qatar and Iraq. 

The vessel will have a transit time of two days, which makes this transport option appealing for shipping dry and refrigerated foods, electronics, construction materials and many other cargo.

Milaha's President and CEO Abdulrahman Essa Al Mannai commented "The new service will contribute to the reconstruction efforts in Iraq and will also help boost the growing trade and economic relations between Qatar and Iraq"

Milaha, established in 1957, was the first public shareholding company registered in Qatar. The company plays a significant role in Qatar's import and export trade with services calling to ports in many other countries including Oman, India, Kuwait, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. 

Source: Xinhua


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