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The Ministry of Oil Announces for the Hadeetha Investment Refinery.

The Products of the Refinery Must be Environment Friendly According to the International Standards.

he ministry of oil would like to announce for the investment refinery in Anbar governorate/ Hadeetha with a capacity of 70 thousand barrels / day.

   The execution is according to the methods of BOOT or BOO and according to the investment law of the refineries No.64 for the year 2007 and its amendments.

    The products of the refinery must be environment friendly according to the international standards.

    The tax breaks must be according to the investment law No.13 for the year 2006.

    In accordance with the second amendment of the investment law No.64 for the year 2007. The subtraction on the crude oil price over the ship is (8%) "The subtraction must be more than 5$ and less than 10$ of the global price".

   The studies, planning and follow-up directorate in the ministry of oil have prepared the data portfolio of the refinery and the price of the data portfolio shall be (30) thousand dollars "nonrefundable".

   The closing date of selling data portfolios is at the end of the work hours of Sunday the 29th of April 2018.

-  The receipt of the documents from the companies which would like to invest in the above mentioned refinery must be to the end of the work hours of Sunday the 14th of June 2018.

   The presentation of the documents will be to the Studies Planning & Follow-up Directorate directly in a closed envelop. Otherwise the documents will be rejected.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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