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Iraq Minister Of Oil Meets With The Head Of Petronas

Petronas is the main operator of the Gharraf project

Mr. Adil Abd Al-Mahdi the minister of oil met in Monday the31th of August with the CEO of Petronas Malaysian company, Mr. Dato Oui Yaw Han and his entourage.

The two parties discussed during the meeting about the common concern issues especially the oil industry development and maximizing the production.

Mr. Abd Al-Mahdi said that the ministry is keen to cooperate perfectly with the international companies that are working in Iraq as well as working together to enforce the size of cooperation to develop the oil fields. At the same time he praised Petronas & their team for their good successful work and their cooperation with the national staff in order to develop the work and reach the planned levels of production according to the program of the ministry.

Mr. Dato Oui confirmed that his company is committed with their devotion to maximize the production of Gharraf oil field and the other fields, as well as training the Iraqi staff on the modern technology of the oil industry.

It is worthy to mention that, Petronas is the main operator of the Gharraf project and contribute with other international companies in developing and operating other oil fields.

Source: Iraq Ministry of Oil


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