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National Center for Development and Scientific Development grants the Minister of Oil National Shield for Iraqi competencies

To Develop the Oil and Gas Sector in the Country in order to Achieve Economic Development

 Minister of Oil Jabareli Hussein al-Allaibi said that the ministry is seeking to develop the oil and gas sector by working on the optimal investment of national and gas wealth and the development of plans and programs aimed at that, 

As well as to improve the level of services provided to citizens through the provision of oil derivatives and contribute to cover the local need, this came during a meeting with the President of the National Center for Development and Scientific Development Alaa Alami and the delegation accompanying him and grant the national shield for Iraqi competencies.

Al-Luaibi added that the award carries an additional responsibility in continuing his efforts to develop the oil and gas sector in the country in order to achieve economic development, pointing out the importance of the ministry's support for activities and services carried out by civil society organizations to achieve development and awareness goals for a better future.

The Minister praised the efforts of the Center, which serves the national development wheel, adding that the country is rich in natural resources as well as human resources that can be used to provide opportunities and working conditions appropriate and provide support and care for them.

For his part, the head of the National Center for Scientific Development and Development praised the efforts of the Minister and the achievements made in the oil and gas sector during his administration of the ministry, stressing that the grant of the national shield for the Iraqi competencies of the Minister came through a referendum conducted by the Center included a wide range of intellectuals and specialists in addition to various segments in Iraqi society.

The National Center for Development and Scientific Research will join an annual referendum to select the top ten Iraqi personalities and competencies in appreciation of its efforts and achievements in its field of work.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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