Gazprom Neft starts LPG production at Badra field in Iraq

Gazprom Neft’s advanced gas production complex will help to increase electricity production in Iraq, ensuring the supply of stable power to various provinces in the country.

Gazprom Neft has commenced the production of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) at its Badra field in in Wasit Province, Eastern Iraq.

Gazprom Neft Badra, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, has started trial shipments of LPG to Iraq’s state-owned gas filling company.

Currently, the equipment is undergoing performance testing at the gas plant, which is being developed at the Badra field.

The gas is also being sent to the Az-Zubaydiyah power station, as part of the comprehensive testing of equipment at the gas plant. The power station is situated around 100km from the field.

Gazprom Neft’s advanced gas production complex will help to increase electricity production in Iraq, ensuring the supply of stable power to various provinces in the country.

The facility, which is expected to be operations in the fourth quarter of this year, holds capacity to process around 1.6 billion cubic metres of gas per year.

In addition, the gas plant project includes the development of a granulated sulphur production facility.

Commercial gas generated at the facility will be used for production purposes, including as fuel for the gas-turbine power plant (GTPP).

According to the company, the 10MW of electric power will be distributed to the Gazprom Neft Badra residential complex and the town of Badra through power line. Five generators at the GTPP will have a generation capacity of 123.5MW.

Badra oil field is expected to have reserves of around 3 billion barrels of oil. To develop the field, Gazprom Neft Badra was established by a consortium including Gazprom Neft (Russia), KOGAS (Korea), Petronas (Malaysia), TPAO (Turkey), and the Iraqi Government. Source: Reuters


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