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Iraq Ministry of Oil News: The World Bank Praises the Iraqi Efforts in Investing the Associated Gas Perfectly.

Mr. Jabbar A. Allibi the minister of oil praised the World Bank for its support to Iraq

   Mr. Jabbar A. Allibi the minister of oil praised the World Bank for its support to Iraq, and confirmed that the ministry shown its commitment with the recommendations of the World Bank … especially in stopping the associated gas burning.

   Mr. Allibi said that the World Bank has sent a message praises the ministry of oil for its projects of stopping the associated gas burning. At the same time, the bank said through its message that it is supporting Iraq for it`s tends to stop the burning of the associated gas which is a wasting of the wealth. As well as the Iraqi initiative to stop the routine burning of the associated gas by 2030.

   The World Bank appreciated the support of the Iraqi government because the work schedule of the ministry was not local but an international raw model which gave the initiative a greater support to be a realistic standard in the global industry.  

   The World Bank said "your support proves the strong commitment of Iraq and its response to the responsibility of keeping the environment and the active management of the resources, even in the most difficult circumstances, as well as the continuation of implementing and developing the best practices in the oil industry to gain the global awareness, and the efforts of the Iraqi government will be appreciated for its wide vision and its positive attitudes and its contribution in the program of limiting the burning of the associated gas".

   The world bank concluded its message with "the group of the world bank are glad because there are many associated projects with the Iraqi side within its efforts to reduce the associated gas burning, especially the projects which has been included within the development policy funding (DPF). We would like also to encourage the ministry for implementing the agreed projects successfully about reducing the associated gas burning, in addition to the development and rehabilitation of the gas sector".


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