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Iraq Ministry of Oil News: Mr. Allibi: The Ambitious Plans and Programs Are Necessary to Develop the Oil and Gas Wealth

Mr. Allibi held a meeting in Basra with the responsible members of the national oil companies

Mr. Jabbar A. Allibi the minister of oil confirmed on the necessity of putting ambitious programs and plans to develop the oil & gas wealth in Iraq by keeping up to date with the updates and the changes in the oil & gas industry in the world.

   Mr. Allibi held a meeting in Basra with the responsible members of the national oil companies. He discussed during the meeting the programs for the years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 for the sectors of up-streaming, refining, gas industry, distribution, the oil professional learning and the training.

   Mr. Allibi said that it is necessary to take care of the qualified scientific staff and include special chapters for the training and develop the workers in the oil sector with the agreements and the contracts. He said also that the ministry is aiming to put ambitious plans to develop the infrastructure and activate the investment sector in the growth and development operations in order to invest the oil wealth perfectly and grow the oil sector. At the same time he confirmed that the ministry could achieve "Thanks to the efforts of the workers in the Iraqi oil sector" high unprecedented elevation in the production, exportation and meet the needs of the citizens of the oil products in all around Iraq, in addition to the exceptional efforts to meet the needs of the Iraqi displaced families and people in the liberated cities.

   Mr. Allibi encouraged the national oil companies to do their best to achieve the future plans and targets in spite of the economic, financial and security challenges. He said also that Iraq is the victorious at the end "thanks to the loyal efforts".


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