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AL Fayha May 2016 Newsletter, Issue Number 05 2016

Al-Fayha Wins Contract for Oil Storage Tanks Foundation; Piling Works at Siba Gas Field and Celebrates Employees on Labor Day


1. Al-Fayha Precast Celebrates Labors Day-1stMay2016. Our company celebrated Labor Day in 1st May 2016.

Al-Fayha Managing Director Mr. Zeyad T. Al-Darraji has given an encouraging speech of the event among the labors at the Factory of Al-Fayha. Mr. Darraji firstly congratulated to all factory labors for this anniversary and signified the essence of this International Day and its significance to all Labors in the world.

Mr. Darraji further expressed his gratitude about the daily efforts exerted by our labors and their continued commitment towards achieving a distinguished high quality products & services provision which are the basic goals of our Company.

Congratulating posters of the Anniversary were hanged at the main gate of the Company.

For more information, please contact Sales & Marketing Email:


2. Al-Fayha was awarded Extra Quantity RMC Supply Contract at DS8Station-WQ1 for the project titled Oil Storage Tanks Foundation.

Al-Fayha has recently signed a contract with a local company to supply RMC “Ready Mixed Concrete” of various compressive strengths for the Project titled “Oil Storage Tanks Foundation” at DS8, WQ-1.

Main contractor is CPECC and the client is Exxon Mobil. For more information, please contact Sales & Marketing Dept.


3. Al Fayha Precast successfully completes Piling Works Project at SIBA Gas Field with Egyptian Petro-Jet Company.

Our company has successfully completed the Contract Scope of Works, which includes; (manufacturing, driving and pile head treatment) of Precast Concrete Piles; section (40x40)cm within the planned Project Milestone.

A contract with Egyptian Petro-jet Co., for SIBA Gas Field Development Project.

The owner is Kuwait Energy Company. For more information, please contact Sales & Marketing Dept. Email:




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