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The Iraq Ministry of Oil News: The Financial Experts Board Praises The Calibration and Measurement System Application.

Dr. Abdulbasit T. Saeed the head of the body said - we are thankful for the ministry of oil and everyone whom contributed in this accomplishment

   The board of the financial experts praised the role of the ministry of oil for the application of the calibration measurement system in the exportation terminals.

   Dr. Abdulbasit T. Saeed the head of the body said “we are thankful for the ministry of oil and everyone whom contributed in this accomplishment which was the application of the measurement & calibration system specifically in the exportation systems and the continuous cooperation with the body by supplying the seasonal reports that are related with the application of order to present the reports to the organizations that are related with the board”. He said also that the board is working on in receiving the reports until the end of 2016.

   Mr. Fayadh H. Niema the senior deputy minister said that the application of the measurement & calibration system in the supply and receive ports is a significant step to determine the production & exportation quantities precisely, and the application of the international standards is considered as a significant factor in the internal and international transactions via the depending on the modern methods in calibrating the received, supplied and exported quantities.

   Mr. Deiaa Gumar The director general of the technical directorate said that the system was applied in the critical production, refining, exportation, transportation & oil depot places of the oil sector, and the ministry have made big efforts in this field via making the perfect plans to cover all the oil facilities in order to achieve the target by meeting all the needs of measurement & calibration of the production, exportation & consumption in all the supply & receive ports.

   Mr. Abdul Hussain Mahdi the director of the counters section in the technical directorate confirmed that the ministry have accomplished 99.5% of the project in all the oil fields which was presented in the licensing rounds, as well as the operation units, the stations and the depots of pumping, reserving and exportation. He said also that (5024) of (5041) measurement devices was installed and the work is going on until the 100% accomplishment.

   Mr. Mahdi said also that the aim behind this is to apply the transparency basics in all the transactions of the ministry especially the Iraqi outcome from the exportation ports. He said also that the global authorities "especially the secretary of the U.N and the Security Council" appreciated Iraq for the advanced level of completion during the last few years in installing the equipment of measurement & calibration which was started since 2009 until now, especially after the completion of the equipment installation in the exportation ports in 2010.


   Mr. Assim Jihad thee spokesman of the ministry of oil said that the measurement & calibration system is a work priority because of the demands of work of the ministry and the decisions of the Security Council, and this work accomplishment in a record time was praised by the Secretary General of the U.N, in the chapter (6) of the resolution No. 1956 of 2010 when he praised the Iraqi commitment with the international resolutions and the continuous cooperation between the board of financial experts and the compensation board. They also congratulated Iraq for the accomplishment of the measurement & calibration system of the oil industries.

   Mr. Jihad said also that the Office of Financial Supervision in its document No. 19 in the 18th of April 2016, appreciated the accomplishments of the ministry and its continuous cooperation with the office during the last 7 years.

   It is worthy to mention that the ministry completed the measurement & calibration system in the southern ports in 2010 in order to measure the exported quantities of crude oil precisely in addition to another global company that test and monitor the measurement procedures and ratify the exported quantities to the international companies.


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