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Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity and GE sign $1billion Deal to Upgrade Country’s Power Grid

$1 billion in contracts signed between GE and Iraq's Ministry of Electricity to Strengthen Electrical Output

In preparation for a surge in energy consumption during the summer months, the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity has signed over $1 billion worth of contracts with GE. The deal consists of power generation and maintenance projects in Iraq.

The first part of the ‘Power Up Plan,’ worth some $328 million has already been financed and will essentially add 700 MW to the national grid before the summer.

“We are committed to strengthening our infrastructure to meet the growing demand for electricity, particularly during peak summer months, including the upcoming summer season,” says Mussab Al Mudaris, Speaker for the Ministry of Electricity.

“GE’s Power Up Plan illustrates GE’s commitment to helping Iraq during current economic challenges. The set of solutions it brings includes upgrades and maintenance projects that will strengthen our Power Plant’s productivity and efficiency levels.”

The first stage of the plan has already been rolled out as GE began shipment of equipment and parts in addition to on-site projects for the MoE in Iraq. Technology upgrades, fuel conversions will all aid productivity in addition to installation of advanced hot gas path components at various gas turbines.

This project marks a successful four decade long history between GE and Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity, said Azeez Mohammed, President & CEO, Power Services, MEA at GE. “With the introduction of our Advanced Gas Path (AGP) solution and related works agreed upon to the heavy duty gas turbines at the power plants, we can significantly scale up capacity while also minimizing operational downtime.”



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