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US Imports From Iraq Reaches Nearly 8 Million Barrels

The USA's import of Iraqi oil reaches to almost 8 million barrels.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the country's imports of crude oil from Iraq has reached to almost 8 million barrels. To be exact that will be 7 million 785 thousand barrels of crude oil up until this month of September. However, this is far less than their imports from last year for the same month which reached to 11 million 634 thousand barrels of Iraqi crude oil.

Most of the decrease were made during the months of July and August of this year when its imports reached 551 thousand and 676 thousand barrels, respectively as compared to the months of January and February where imports amounted to 1 million 375 thousand barrels and 1 million 444 thousand barrels, respectively.

Iraq sets it prices separately per region, for Asia it's referenced on Dubai and Oman crude, Brent mixture for Europe and Texas crude for the USA.



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