AJ Power Ltd

 Based at a modern facility in Northern Ireland, UK, the company produces diesel fuelled electric power generating sets from 10kVA to 3350kVA, for use in hospitals, banks, data centres, supermarkets and hotels, as ell as for industrial, construction, events, utilities, telecommunications, rental and residential applications, offering volume production with short delivery times. Engines used include Perkins, AGCO Power, Scania, MTU and Mitsubishi.AJ Power now employs 140 people, many from Northern Ireland’s specialist universities, designing, developing, manufacturing and testing a wide  range of gensets.    At the same time they have a strong appreciation of environmental factors such as noise, vibration, exhaust emissions and the achievement of electromagnetic compatibility.

The company has gained many accreditations including ISO9001 quality standard, ISO14000 environmental standard and ISO18001 for health and safety.  

Website www.ajpower.net
Tel 00971501004756
Email imcclay@ajpower.net